Month: March 2010


A #hashtag As A Platform

I spoke at WOM UK (Word of Mouth UK Association) last Thursday about Like Minds and how Spreadability is beating Reach (you can see the slides here on, and one of the things that I spoke on was how the Like Minds platform is the #likeminds hashtag. Today I’d like to just discuss a few ...


People Don’t Remember What Was Said, They Remember How They Felt

This is a photo of me, Chris Brogan and Molly Flatt and the Like Minds Summit earlier this year. Looking at it reminds of one of the most important lessons I’ve ever learnt – namely that what I remember from that day isn’t the content we discussed (despite it being amazing), but it’s the feeling of ...

The Social / Broadcast Matrix

I wrote last week about ‘Broadcasting Social Media‘, and how many conferences are a contradiction in terms when their content is about Social Media, but they have no social interaction or discourse – just speakers broadcasting a social message. This got me thinking. If you can broadcast social, then that says something about the channel that is ...


What Nestlé Should Do, In 4 Steps

If you didn’t know, Nestlé have had a rough week, which I detailed yesterday. Today’s post is a continuation: What should Nestlé do now? It’s easy to say what they should’ve done – but now that they had this mess on their hands, what is the way forward? I’ve got 4 steps for them, that if ...


The 7 Things Nestlé Should’ve Done

UPDATE: I have also published a follow up post on What Nestlé Should Do Now.} The latest Social Media disaster happened last week as Nestlé got literally slammed on Facebook. Here’s how it happened, what lessons we can glean, and what Nestlé should’ve done: