If you’re not talking, you’re not learning

In preparing for our Like Minds itinerary this year, I’ve been thinking again about how people learn and how events should help them learn. In particular, I’ve been thinking about a diagram I blogged about almost a year ago now:


This is the cone of learning by Edgar Dale, which says that we remember 10% of what we read, 20% of what we hear, but 70% of what we say and 90% of what we say and do. Continue…

Your Opinion: Can You Teach Leadership? Or Are You Born With It?

The BBC asked this question a while ago while citing some of the greatest leaders of all time.

My opinion is that leadership as a skill can be learnt. I would consider much of leadership being wrapped up in teamwork, influence, strategy, and so on, and these are things that you can most certainly learn. I know this because I’ve learnt them! For many years I struggled with leadership and with building teams of people, but through being more prepared and investing in learning these skills, I’ve increased in being a leader. Continue…

4 Ways To Focus When You Meet People


You might not believe it but there was a time when I was really bad with people. In fact, I was so bad with people that I have the nickname ‘Scary Scott’ at the Christian Union because whilst I was on-target with my bible skills, I was wildly off-target with my people skills.

Luckily, I believed that you could learn leadership, that you could learn people skills, and that what one man can do, another can do. So it is that the connected, engaging, Like Minds uniting person you see before you is actually a result of nurture more than nature. Continue…

The 5 Innovations of the App Store

Apple have now launched the Mac App Store – the translation of the hughely successful App Store designed to deliver apps for the iPhone and the iPad onto a full blown computer running a full blown operating system.

Whilst PC Mag has already produced a hands on walk through that I shan’t be repeating, and Techcrunch gave their treatment here, I’m going to keeping this to the innovations of the App Store and what it means for the future as opposed to today. Continue…

The Secret To Writing A Practical, How-To Blog Post

We get told to write “how to” posts and “practical” posts, but ever sit and wonder what to do a practical, how to blog post on?

That’s what Mark Dorey asked in one of our conversations this week, and I’ve got to say, it challenged me to think through what the secret is to it – if indeed there is one!

What follows is a padded out version of my reply to Mark in the comments – I trust it’s a practical tip to help you write more practically! Continue…

Video: What One Man Can Do, Another Can Do

Many, many years ago I was frustrated that I wasn’t experiencing the successes in my life that I saw others were. People would do things that I wanted to do, but I excused them as impossible for me to ever attain.

There’s no surprise then that I was also jealous of people – wanting what they had, because I couldn’t have it.

I’m talking here about things like someone fulfilling a part of their life’s calling, achieving a career succes or financial success, being daring enough to just do that thing you’ve always wanted to do, travel to a certain place, and so on. Continue…

5 Things You Need To Blog Every Month

I’ve been thinking about how people can better their blogs in 2011, beyond the general “write better content” or “do 5 steps to…” type of advice.

Of all the different types of people who read this blog and the different types of content I post here, one large demographic is people who are in the media / social media space and write blogs to that effect. I read many your blogs – those of you who have commented here at one point or another – and so I feel I have a good idea of what you’re doing and not doing, and thus what would be beneficial to start doing this year.

What follows are 5 things you need to do at least once a month in 2011 to grow your blog, grow your community, and grow your communication skills: Continue…

Are You *That* Person? And What To Do About It


I’ll admit it if you will – many times I’ve been the person you don’t want to meet at the cocktail party.

You know, that person, the one who talks at you the whole time about their job, dropping names like they are going out of fashion with an exciting story that always trumps anything anyone else says, and finally topping it off by getting your name wrong, if they are able to remember any of it that is! Continue…

Why I Don’t Complain On Twitter, And Why You Could


It’s hard to resist having a good moan on Twitter, especially when something or someone isn’t doing their job and we hope that our moaning, combined with our perceived influence, will get us special attention.

The trouble is that your complaining, whilst seemingly resolving your current short term frustration, might be causing you long term brand damage.

The reason why lies in understanding how people form impressions of you – both at a first glance, and also over time. Continue…

Video: Steve Jobs on Apple and Value, in 1997

Has your brand lost power in an over-saturated market? With thanks to Trey Pennington, this short little video from Steve Jobs back in 1997 provides exceptional insight into using values in marketing to multiple the power of your brand.

I found it’s been valuable for me to watch this because in some instances when we talk so much about content online we forget about the power that design has. I’m always telling people that design matters but feel I’ve lost a bit of way, so I needed this:

If you can’t see the above video, click here, or watch directly on YouTube. Continue…