In Dubai This Week

Hey all – just a quick note to say that I am in Dubai all week, Monday 21 – Friday 25 February, and would love to meet you if you are here, or would love to catch up with any connections that you think might be prudent for me, as we are taking Like Minds out here later on this year.

If you can, comment on this thread, or drop me an email or a tweet, or preferably, just go right ahead and call me on 0044 7771 795566.

Hope to hear from you,

Give Some Money Because I’ve Grown A Moustache

This month is Movember. It’s when men grow ugly moustaches to raise money and awareness about prostate cancer. And so not wanting to be left without contributing, above is my personal contribution to the fight against prostate cancer.

I’m asking that in return for having this hunk of hair on my upper lip all month, you give some money to the cause. £10 would be good.

On a personal level, I’m also raised nothing thus far, so I really need you guys to help me out and make a month without kissing my wife worth it!

So dig deep and give some change here. Continue…

International Youth Conference and Festival

My friend Stephanie Rudat recently invited me to present a keynote at the first International Youth Conference and Festival in Pakistan, next week as it happens!

The event seems incredible – it runs over three days and will be bringing together a fantastic group of people who’ll be talking about media, community, change and people. I can’t wait. What’s even better is I’ll be meeting a few people who engage here and with Like Minds.

I’m also really excited about what I’m talking on. It’s not going to be three points with a few slides – it’s the lessons of my life told through my experiences and the experiences of others. And as is the spirit of this ongoing between this conversation between friends, I’m sharing my notes to form the talk and share the ideas with you.

Here’s a minimized version: Continue…

Scott Gould and Friends: A Whole New World

I’ve been thinking for sometime now about how you make a blog more social. I’ve talked it through a lot with Robin Dickinson, and we think that whilst the “I write and you read” strategy works for well known names like Seth Godin, it does not have the value in richness, application or networking that we believe blogs can have.

On the other side of the ditch, you have community sites where it’s guest post after guest post, and there is a lack of an evolving narrative that guides people over the course of prolonged conversation.

Hence, welcome to what I trust is a middle ground: Scott Gould and Friends. Continue…

I’m Back!

Hello friends — I am back from Spain (36°C) to the glorious English summer of clouds and rain. Certainly I am very, very rested and relaxed. I did no work except on the first two days, and for the majority of the holiday I didn’t even know what time it was as my watch and phone were out of sight!

A year ago after my summer holiday I said I felt re-envisioned, which was just before we launched Like Minds. This time, I feel like I’ve got a bit more re-prioritised. Continue…

A Conversation With Me and Andrew Pickering

I had the pleasure last month of having a conversation with Professor Andrew Pickering from Exeter University, on the subject of “where do good ideas come from?

The conversation was the latest in a range of interviews at Imperica, a smart new project by the renowed Paul Squires which “tracks a number of disciplines, wraps them all together, finds the interesting angles, then talks to the people behind them.”

The conversation began with a discussion of how accesible ideas are today, which made me say that I think ideas are harder to actualise because of the false confidence that an abundance of them creates, and ended up touching on many things including education. Here’s an extract: Continue…

Using Social Media to Extend and Enhance Offline Events and Experiences

Wow, that’s a mouthful. And that’s exactly what I’ll be discussing at the unGeeked Elite Retreat in Chicago on May 12 – 14, 2011.

How does Social Media extend offline experiences? Sure, you can get a long list of resources that will make your event what is called a ‘hybrid’ (a virtual and physical event), but how do you know which ones are the priority for you, and what is the strategy behind those tactics anyway? Continue…

The Internet and Mental Health

On Thursday 10th March 2011 I’m speaking at the first European Conference on the Internet and Mental Health (website here), held in my home city of Exeter. The event is being organised by Tobit Emmens, who is the R&D Manager at Devon NHS Trust amongst other things.

I’m of course honoured to be asked to deliver a keynote, and whilst I’m not yet sure on the exact subject that I will be requested to speak on, there is no doubt in my mind that I’d like it to be an example of community by crowd sourcing parts of the content, much like I did when I spoke at Dicole Oz in Helsinki in June. Continue…

A Request From Me, To You

I’m taking a much needed break over the next 3 weeks. My eyes have been very sore and are stressed to the point that I need to wear glasses for a while to ‘reset them’, according to the doctor.

This is the product of working very hard on Like Minds Helsinki, launching the Like Minds Club, doing more and more consulting with Aaron+Gould, doing A LOT with Touch 10 and really raising the media standard at The River Dream Centre, and also putting together the main parts of Like Minds Conference, Autumn 2010.

I’ve done more in the last 4 months than I have in any whole year before and I certainly feel that (with my sincere thanks to Michael Meyers, Drew Ellis and Robin Dickinson in particular), I have sharpened my focus, developed a stronger NO in order to have a stronger YES, and really built things of value. Continue…