Any day now, I’ll be a dad for the first time. Then again, I’ve been one for years.


So my wife is 4 days overdue. I haven’t really talked about it here or online much, not because I haven’t wanted to but I just haven’t really go around to it for one reason or another.

So here we are – any day now my wonderful wife will give birth to our first wonderful child, whatever sex it may be.

The question I keep getting asked is – are you a dad yet? – to which my answer is “almost”. But part of me wants to say that I already am.

Faye and I have already prepared our house, nourished our baby, and been good parents in setting a good atmosphere. We’ve already consider their health by changing our diets and making sure that everything in our lives is closed down ready to focus on this new addition.

But even before then, before we even knew we were expecting, we were good parents by building a good marriage. I was a good dad by loving and honouring my wife, by seeking everyday to be the best husband I could be, and Faye was a good wife as she respected and loved me.

And even before then, before we were married or knew each other, I was a good dad by working on my character, by working on things like anger or depression or arrogance as best as I knew how.

In that sense, I’ve been a dad for years. It’s only now that our child is about to arrive.

Thank you all for your support and love – I’m overwhelmed.


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  • Britt Warg

    Lovely post, Scott – very moving. I wish you the best of luck and I’m sure you’ll both be great, caring parents! I was overdue 2 weeks for my 2nd child – my daughter, so I know what that feels like… let us know the “outcome”! xx

  • / Scott Gould

    Thanks Britt – will do!

  • Robert Clay

    Wow, what a post Scott. What great role models you both are too. You’ll have an amazing experience when your new arrival appears. Now get some rest

  • / Scott Gould

    Thanks mate : )

  • Brian Driggs

    There’s no point in wishing you the best, because you’ve already taken action to make the best possible. (But I’ll wish you both the best anyway!)

    Congratulations you two.


  • Waqas Ali

    Very best to you my friend.

    Yes you did lot of work on building yourself, I’m very excited about Gould Junior. Take care of Faya & baby. Keep building yourself.

  • / Scott Gould

    Thanks Waqas

  • / Scott Gould

    Thanks Mate

  • Paul Simbeck-Hampson

    Pre-event humour…

    “If men were equally at risk from this condition – if they knew their bellies might swell as if they were suffering from end-stage cirrhosis, that they would have to go nearly a year without a stiff drink, a cigarette, or even an aspirin, that they would be subject to fainting spells and unable to fight their way onto commuter trains – then I am sure that pregnancy would be classified as a sexually transmitted disease and abortions would be no more controversial than emergency appendectomies.”  ~Barbara Ehrenreich

    All the best of Bavarian & British luck… fingers and toes crossed!

    Happy Easter clan Gould.

  • / Scott Gould

    LOL – not sure I agree but indeed made me smile

    Thanks for the wishes my friend

  • Adam Tinworth

    Wow. Pre-congratulation, sir. (Or possibly congratulations by now.)

    I’ll leave catching up with you until the first rush of fatherhood has passed.

  • / Scott Gould

    Thanks mate – feel free to call this afternoon

21st April, 2011

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