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In Dubai This Week

Hey all – just a quick note to say that I am in Dubai all week, Monday 21 – Friday 25 February, and would love

We’re a Top 50 Leadership Blog.

Great news, friends, we have been recognised as a top 50 leadership blog by Evan Carmichael, particularly in the area of communicating leadership. Well done

I’m Back!

Hello friends — I am back from Spain (36°C) to the glorious English summer of clouds and rain. Certainly I am very, very rested and

The Internet and Mental Health

On Thursday 10th March 2011 I’m speaking at the first European Conference on the Internet and Mental Health (website here), held in my home city

A Request From Me, To You

I’m taking a much needed break over the next 3 weeks. My eyes have been very sore and are stressed to the point that I

If Nate Gave His Life…

I don’t post twice a day or make pleas, but this must take priority. Last night, my friend Stephanie Rudat shared this link. It’s a

In A Year…

I started this blog of ours a year ago today. Since then, well, awesome things have happened. A year ago I never thought I’d be

WOM UK: Spreadability beats Reach

I have the pleasure of speaking at WOM UK‘s next espresso briefing on Thursday 25th March, where I’ll be with Drew Ellis discussing two things