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Preaching to the Converted?

You might have the feeling if you’re using Social Media that you’re preaching to the converted. I often do. Question: How many more case studies

Friendship 2.0 and Beyond

There’s a great discussion going on right now at my friend Robin Dickinson‘s blog on “Building Relationships: A Question of Quality Over Quantity” (go and

Influencers And Translators

Yesterday over brunch John Harvey (Exeter City Centre Manager) was telling me about the above mentioned case of Twitter, and the offline momentum he gained

No Man Is An Island

Then why are so many so distant from each other? For all our technology, many families, friendships, workplaces and businesses are becoming increasingly fragmented due

Becoming P2P

“I want things to change, but I don’t have the money and time to pay for it. What do I do?” Recently I’ve been hearing

Uniting People Around A Platform

If you don’t know, in exactly one week I will be running the inaugural Like Minds conference, on the subject of ‘measuring social media.’ I’m

Making Room For People

I, like many people, believed I knew everything when I was 16. And naturally, knowing everything meant that I needed no one, so meeting new

Community Is Made From Two Words

The buzz phrase for the bloggers and online marketeers today is ‘community’, and has become the poster child for all things involving social media (a.k.a