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What Is Social? Well…

What with starting work this week on a manuscript for a book – “Social” being the working title – I want to share some of

The 4 New Faces of PR

In September last year I drew up the PR 2010 framework in a series of 3 blog posts looking at the coming extensions in PR

The Social / Broadcast Matrix

I wrote last week about ‘Broadcasting Social Media‘, and how many conferences are a contradiction in terms when their content is about Social Media, but they have

Social Media Planning, In 4 Phases

Part of my commitment on this blog (and a commitment I require every Like Minds speak to fulfil) is providing IDEA: inspiration, decision-making information, examples,

The Basics Of Expectation Management

Yesterday we went through The Pyramid Of Expectation, and understanding how providing compelling experiences (or failing and providing awful ones) is based on your ability

The Pyramid of Expectation

So, I made a bit of a mistake yesterday. I wrote a 3,000 word essay on suspense and brand mystery, rolling in far too many case studies,

PRE – Your Social Media Stance

After identifying 6 Social Media presences you’ll meet in heaven (and there are probably more), today I’m providing a really easy way of managing them