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Do Retweets Matter?

Sometime ago I spoke at London Blog Club about value-based blogging. It’s an approach that values each participation that someone makes on the blog, and

Video: Making It Matter

I engaged with the participants at IYCF 2010 is Pakistan this week, telling them to Scatter, Gather, Matter. Whilst I’ll be posting a video next

Reflections on Pakistan, Day 1

Hey all. I’ve had so much support and encouragement from you all that I wanted to share how things are going. It’s late as I write this,

The 4 Values of Leaders

I’ve been writing more and more about leadership as of late, as I in our conversation about participation, media, communication and community, leadership is the

Gowalla’s Final Act

Recently we answered the question “Where are Foursquare and Gowalla Going?“, understanding that the future of location-based social networking (or whatever they call it) was

The Best Way I Build Team Is…

Team work makes the dream work. To achieve anything bigger than yourself requires more people than yourself, and that means building team. For the longest

Something Beautiful Podcast

I was recently interviewed for the Something Beautiful Podcast, a Christian leaders podcast hosted by Jonathan Blundell. In this episode, I’m interviewed about my work with