My Journey

My Regrets

I don’t have many regrets. (Although, maybe I should.) But whenever I work on my website at all, I have an overwhelming regret – that

My Values

On my journey to discover who I am, I have been thinking about my values. By codifying my values, I hope to have a list of

Focussing In

Some say that you should make your goals public, others say you shouldn’t. I probably sit on the keep-it-to-yourself end of the spectrum. But one goal

Where to Begin (again)

So, after pretty much 5 years of not writing on this blog (actually, I deleted it), I have painstakingly resurrected it and am now ready

I’m Nobody.

It’s true. It’s not just another mantra. It’s not just a controversial, attention grabbing line. The idea for Like Minds wasn’t really mine, it was

Confessions, Part 1

Last night Ruairi Fullam linked me to this post from ProBlogger, from May. As I read down the page, I got convicted by the following