Productivity vs creativity and the creative’s problem

We need to get things done. And there was a point in my life 2 years ago when the book, Getting Things Done literally saved my life.

I want to break down the 5 pillars of productivity in preparation for a seminar I’m given on this on Sunday at The River Church. (If you’re in the neighbourhood, you are welcome to come – 2:30pm this Sunday.)

Before we begin: productivity vs creativity and the creative’s problem

Ahead of discussing the 5 pillars, I want to make an observation on the problem that we are trying to solve. Most of us have too much on our plate. We are inundated with ‘stuff’ and struggle on a daily, weekly and yearly basis with getting the things done that we need to and/or want to. Continue reading “Productivity vs creativity and the creative’s problem”

Why you must see yourself as the leader that you are


Last week I did an interview on leadership, community and social media with Adrian Swinscoe, which I thoroughly enjoyed and you can listen to here.

At the end of the blog post in which the interview was posted, Wendy commented and talked about a situation where others might regard her as a leader, but she doesn’t think she is one herself – and asked if this is a problem. I think it is, and so I responded. Here’s what I responded with, and it’s important to post here because I believe it is detrimental to not see yourself as the leader that you are: Continue reading “Why you must see yourself as the leader that you are”

Video: What One Man Can Do, Another Can Do

Many, many years ago I was frustrated that I wasn’t experiencing the successes in my life that I saw others were. People would do things that I wanted to do, but I excused them as impossible for me to ever attain.

There’s no surprise then that I was also jealous of people – wanting what they had, because I couldn’t have it.

I’m talking here about things like someone fulfilling a part of their life’s calling, achieving a career succes or financial success, being daring enough to just do that thing you’ve always wanted to do, travel to a certain place, and so on. Continue reading “Video: What One Man Can Do, Another Can Do”

Something Beautiful Podcast


I was recently interviewed for the Something Beautiful Podcast, a Christian leaders podcast hosted by Jonathan Blundell.

In this episode, I’m interviewed about my work with Like Minds, how much of that is a mirror of my church, and my draw into Christian work and the subsequent way that I went into business. I’m introduced about 8 minutes or so into the podcast, so beware that the first two voices aren’t me.

Listen to the podcast here. Continue reading “Something Beautiful Podcast”