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Preaching to the Converted?

You might have the feeling if you’re using Social Media that you’re preaching to the converted. I often do. Question: How many more case studies

Developing Social Media Strategy

I’m speaking at Like Minds Immersive on Thursday 18th March in London on the subject of “Developing Social Media Strategy“, with one of the stars

Social Media Planning, In 4 Phases

Part of my commitment on this blog (and a commitment I require every Like Minds speak to fulfil) is providing IDEA: inspiration, decision-making information, examples,

The Basics Of Expectation Management

Yesterday we went through The Pyramid Of Expectation, and understanding how providing compelling experiences (or failing and providing awful ones) is based on your ability

The Pyramid of Expectation

So, I made a bit of a mistake yesterday. I wrote a 3,000 word essay on suspense and brand mystery, rolling in far too many case studies,

How Much Blogging Is Too Much?

I’m a reader. I read books, blogs, magazines, websites, etc. Yet, I have thousands of unread items in Google Reader. I only regularly read a

The Desperate Need For Clarity

Over the last weeks I have attended a number of events/conferences in London, most recently including Jeff Pulver‘s #140Conf, where I got to dine with

Influencers And Translators

Yesterday over brunch John Harvey (Exeter City Centre Manager) was telling me about the above mentioned case of Twitter, and the offline momentum he gained

PRE – Your Social Media Stance

After identifying 6 Social Media presences you’ll meet in heaven (and there are probably more), today I’m providing a really easy way of managing them