Why those tears? Are they from that supper
Where He broke bread and wine?
He said that we were to speak no more
And never again to dine.

Why this sorrow? Did you see His trail?
Did you hear the crowds jeering?
From Him we heard no denial,
Only the crowd cry, crucify Him.

Why are you low? Did you see His crown
And His battered, beaten body?
We saw the thorns, but we frown,
For what we saw was hardly a body.

Why such grief? Were you not there
To be with Him in this hour of need?
We were behind, for we were scared,
And further denied knowing His deeds.

Why do you cry, is it for His death?
For seeing His bitter crucifixion?
It pains us to have heard His last breath
O Father, please forgive them.

Why do you weep on this week’s first day?
Is it that the tomb is empty?
Yes, we cry that the stone is rolled away
And no longer therein lies His body.

Then, why do you cry? Wipe you eyes:
Let us now sit and break this bread.
The tomb is empty, there is no need to cry,
Why are you weeping? I’m not dead.

13th June, 2003

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