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Non-existent Engagement

Maybe you've just started, but at the moment your will not be engaged because you simply aren't doing the things that people engage with.

Follow the recommendations below to increase engagement, which will lead to .

Engagement Processes

Low likelihood people understand what it is


Low likelihood people participate with it


Low likelihood people develop a bond with it

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Your Personalised Strategy


it's time to get up and get started:

scatter communciaton to you

a bold and courageous mission

that you want to invite them to be a part of.

1. First of all, communicate simply

Make it simple. Leave no room for confusion. Once you've done that, only then can you add crafted langauge and distinctive ideas on top.

2. Connect through commonality

People engage with what they share something in common with. For instance, demographics, values, ambitions, shared history, shared challenges, geography, similar life situations, etc.

3. Just get talking now!

Don't procrastinate or wait for perfection, because by doing that you miss out on the best bit: people like the journey, not just the destination. So start talking, and take them on the journey