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The Desperate Need For Clarity

Over the last weeks I have attended a number of events/conferences in London, most recently including Jeff Pulver‘s #140Conf, where I got to dine with

Copy and Paste

In setting the context for today’s post, it helps if I take a moment to shamelessly promote the good work a bunch of us have

Life, Not Lifestyle

I saw this on the interwebs recently. It’s one of those pictures that speaks more than a thousand words. On first glance, one chuckles at

Give Yourself To The Season

Let me begin by saying that this post will share with you something that has become very close to my heart. My story pertains mostly

The Measure Of A Man

Richard Branson posted this video at the beginning of the week and I immediately retweeted it. If you don’t know who Archbishop Desmond TuTu is,

How GTD Rescued Me

Jesus saved my soul. GTD saved my future. Really, it did. When started working at church at 19 I had no office experience. And although