For Dot

In loving memory of Doreen Gould

How do you sum up a life?
Mark it and give it a measure?
Do you take only the highs,
And judge it by its total pleasure?
Or is there something deeper inside,
That in the everyday, there is treasure?

It is not miles travelled, or distances,
That count for how far you have gone,
It is the day by day sacrifices
That you made so that other’s could go on.
And by these daily instances,
You’ve shown us what is right, and is wrong.

Some choose to live for themselves,
But you chose to live for your family,
And taught us that amongst ourselves
Our name should not be our only commonality,

And you told me to look beyond myself

So that the deeper gold I could see.

Some spend their life on this and that,
But when they look have nothing to see;
You spent every day, minute in fact,
Building this marvelous family.
And as you, with the Lord look back,
There is an eternal legacy.

We will have children and tell them of you,
Each fond and precious memory,
But the greatest memory is this truth,
That I’ll do to mine, as you have done to me,
That all a parent for their child wants to do
Is give them the best, the best it can be.

They say children are as arrows
In the hands of a mighty warrior.
We’re all shooting forth from your bow,
May we do you proud, and go far.
We’re all shooting forth from your bow,
Let us all go far.

1st August, 2008

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