Is ok
It’s where the learner plays
How the growing toddler says
When leaders make mistakes
And turn them into breaks
The base the designer makes in
Without grey we’re fakes then
Without grey we’re competing
Pretending to be completed
In grey we trial and tweak it
Beauty in tragedy speaks it
Where a searching artists meets
With tension’s blessed leaks
A writer’s made to think
A poet finds a link
Grey is the playwright’s ink
Because life is anything but neat
Drama is made from heat
Music from messy beats

Black is derelict
Of light that is infinite
And white needs be lit
Else it cannot live
But grey
Is what starts as day
And lasts through night
In the moon light
It is reflection
Of heavens complexion
Tinted by the rim of earth
That we can observe
Many colours in one
Black and white in unison
Grey is the human condition
Binar is easy and balanced
But grey is the challenge
It is humanity
Drawn to divinity
For grey is God-given
From an ultraviolet heaven

18th November, 2014

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