In whatever I see

In whatever I see, whatever I hear,
In all I love and hold dear;
With my pulse, in every breath,
In my thoughts upon my death;
By each day’s sullen second,
And in eternity, as in heaven;
Through the night and by the day,
Whatever I know, whatever I say;
Through the motions of my body,
In tears, in joy, in what besets me;
When I wake, or rest my head,
And lie down to sleep in my bed;
By all I feel, I know, I am,
When I cannot, and when I can:
This lasts and stays so true,
O my love, dearly, I love you.

I thought I sought love, and wooed her to me,
And she lets me think so, though the wooer was she,
And that not by man, nor woman, nor thing,
But by our Father, who had destined it to be.

23rd December, 2003

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