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What The World Needs Now

This on the BBC is interesting. It’s a short clip of delegates at TED saying what they think ‘what the world needs now’ in 18

Under Promise, Over Deliver

When I started working at my Church in 2003 I quickly learnt that the largest part of my work, both in the office and on

The Desperate Need For Clarity

Over the last weeks I have attended a number of events/conferences in London, most recently including Jeff Pulver‘s #140Conf, where I got to dine with

Free From The Factory

In this modern day fable (if you can’t see the video, click here), notice the reoccurrence of themes we’ve been talking about: Guided not Governed Leading

No Man Is An Island

Then why are so many so distant from each other? For all our technology, many families, friendships, workplaces and businesses are becoming increasingly fragmented due

Becoming P2P

“I want things to change, but I don’t have the money and time to pay for it. What do I do?” Recently I’ve been hearing

Thinking Outside Of The Bin

Coincidence. Sometimes wonderful. Other times, darn right annoying. Yesterday was the soft launch of Like Minds, a gathering of like minded people around creativity, technology