As I follow a leaf,
That seems to be a guide.
Leading me to unknown,
Or maybe fantasy.
I see a hill,
I decide to climb.
Over the hill,
A sight revealed.
The sight is a river,
Not big or deep.
A peaceful river,
Blue like sky.
As the leaf gets blown,
I find myself in a boat.
Only a small boat,
Quiet and still.
The boat starts moving,
The river is calm and the meadow is still.
It seems like fantasy,
But I know not.
As I gaze into the river,
I see my liken face,
From a baby to old,
To the rivers life.I hear secrets from the river,
And only I know them.
I think I’m in harmony,
But I still don’t know its life.
Unknown things come known,
I knew the river trusted me.
Perhaps its me that’s wrong,
Maybe I’m the victim.
I felt calm and possed,
I became one with it.
I feel asleep,
Knowing I’d be safe.

Then the darkness fell,
Its person changed.
It didn’t want company,
Once creative-known mighty
Destroying the meadow.
I was taken to death I thought,
During it’s transfiguration.
The river becomes a god.
No mercy now
I thought God makes world,
God makes man,
Man destroys world.
I saw the human race,
Destroying the world.
I cry and I weep.
As the final blow comes,
Everything turns black.
From blank black,
To a colour like this.
The universe is known to me,
I need not weep.
I thought the leaf was magical.
But I hesitated.
How could a leaf
Be a safe powercharm?

4th March, 1996

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