Like Minds Summit


To get 15 leading thinkers to focus long enough to produce a white paper, on two separate occasions, that could be presented to our clients.

What We Did

In February and June of 2010, Scott and Drew, co-founders of Like Minds, ran two high-profile events as part of the Like Minds Summit offering. The first was held at Bovey Castle in Devon, the second at Villa Kataya, on a lake just outside of Helsinki, Finland.

Each event was attended by leading practitioners within social media, many from leading digital agencies such as Ogilvy, BBH and 1000heads.

Scott designed both events. From an aesthetic standpoint, they were designed to be inspiring. As such, we picked beautiful locations in the country that had no signal. It was a bold move, but one that demonstrated our commitment to getting perspective, and focus, while at the summits.

The days were structured to carry out high-level thinking and consultation, resulting in white papers. As such, facilitation of the 15 marketing experts was critical. Scott led this, keeping the day to time, and constantly returning to the actionable points that made the white papers practical.

The Summit in Helsinki was for our client, the Finland Tourist Board, and resulted in the production of white paper that outlined a social media strategy for the country.