Like Minds

Scott Gould and Andrew Ellis co-founded Like Minds with its original conference in 2009.

Initially the mission was to break even, as they often start, but soon the mission was to unite social media practitioners around the world.

Our first conference was only marketed using social media word of mouth. At the time, Twitter was ablaze with people talking about Twitter, so it was perfectly suitable to introduce a conference about Twitter and the like.

We set ourselves apart from other events right away by making Like Minds s theatrical and dramatic. Scott designed the conference structure and oversaw event production, while Faye acted as the stage manager. It was more akin to TED than a regular conference.

The conference also innovated in offline/online convergence through live-streaming and online chat, that was later to be known as ‘hybrid events.’ Thousands watched online, and tens of thousands engaged around the world through the #likeminds hashtag. Additionally, the event impacted local businesses and in particular profiled Exeter city centre through the “lunchtime talk”, with assistance from John Harvey, Exeter City Manager at the time.

Known for its community, the #likeminds hashtag, and the methodology behind the engagement of its network, meant that Like Minds represented a large group of social media enthusiasts and change agents, all of whom were advocates for the movement. We used to say that “the hashtag is the platform”, and advocated a open-source approach to the community.

A quick succession of highly popular conferences in the UK and abroad was also accompanied by the launch of a Like Minds co-working space just off Trafalgar Square.

The conference later spawned a consultancy, and partnered with a range of leading London agencies in its delivery of high-quality thought leadership content.

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