My Wife

It’s my wife’s birthday today. Happy Birthday my sweetheart – hope you’re enjoying the holiday! (She gets my blog in her email)

(BTW you can wish her a happy birthday on her Facebook profile.)

The reason why I bring it up is because she is a woman who supports me unfailingly – the kind of support that I can’t even begin to describe. I don’t mean that she supports me blindly. If you’re looking for the woman is straight and direct with me and doesn’t pull any punches, this is her.

Your Leading Thoughts

I would expect you have people like these in your life too. People who mentor you, support you, speak directly into your heart. Who are they? What are the greatest lessons that they’ve taught you?

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  • Josh Feldberg

    Happy birthday Faye!

  • Jonny Rose

    That is brilliant that you have found a woman who is so supportive and instrumental to your success!

    Until I find my Faye, the person who speaks most into my life is my mother. She is a woman who was been a departmental head of Science at secondary school level for nearly forty years before recently starting her own highly-successful Montessori Day nursery. I consider it a privilege that I am able to enjoy a close relationship with her that informs, challenges and shapes me as a human-being, a son, a man, a member of society and a future business owner.

    A conversation with my Mum is filled with instruction, value and – importantly – joy.

    Just this morning before she left for work I taught me:

    Compassion and lenience – towards staff members, parent, children and other employees

    Self-sufficiency (“What would you do if I were not here?”)

    Humility (“I prefer people to ask me about my achievements rather than me telling them”)

    In summation: Mums are brilliant!


    PS Happy Birthday Faye!!

  • Disneyqueenjo

    Beautiful – inside and out! That’s true beauty! Happy Birthday for yesterday Faye!


  • Robin Dickinson

    I’m looking forward to meeting you, Faye!



  • Scott Gould

    I am Scott Gould….

    been the only one all my life…. AKA Sound Daddy… Scott Daddy…. and some other four letter words I don’t want to repeat….Branson MO ….

    that seems odd….. just that you have my name….
    I will have to say that I am sorrry.. If, my bad additude and rep have some how created you any dis-confort after 50 years, man, it must suck to be me…. or maybe you…
    big smiles for you, good fortune
    so how does it feel to be scott gould… I have always wondered, all my love…… peace scott …….. ps she is beautiful.. and a keeper…….

    OH BY THE WAY it does seem you are doing well with … I truly hope your life is beautiful………. Scott Gould

    just trying to make light of a very odd thing……. peace and love… that just who I am ………….

  • Starcityentertainment

    ps : I have saved you picr and wife as a back ground so my daughter can see it…… that will blow her mind….


  • / Scott Gould

    Thanks Jonny boy.

    Good to see you have a role model in your mother – I know you’ve spoken highly of her to me before


    Trust you’re well mate



  • / Scott Gould

    Thanks Josh


  • / Scott Gould

    I look forward to it too!

  • / Scott Gould

    Thanks Jo


  • / Scott Gould

    Hey Scott – good name you have.

    Where in the world are you?

13th August, 2010

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