Poetry IV

Poetry’s Problem (In my case. Not a definitive list.)

One. It’s really hard to write something
That I myself am satisfied with.
Two. It’s really hard to write nothing,
And be content, to just leave it, and live.
Three. No one understands it anyway,
And certainly don’t see the effort I put in.
Four. Words aren’t enough for what I want to say,
And so I throw it all in the bin.
Five. Rhyming can be a pain, and take a while,
But I dislike free verse.
Six. No one today really likes my style,
Because everyone else likes free verse.
Seven. I’m embarrassed about reading my stuff
To other people to listen to.
Eight. Poetry’s too analysed to be loved,
But that’s academics for you.
Nine. There are so many amazing poets,
And my work seems like pre-school.
Ten. I’ve the wrong motive to do this,
But I really hope people study me in school.

2nd November, 2003

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