Restore was a project that planed to help the lives of victims of human tracking by providing housing and rehabilitation.

It had a one hour session at a small conference where it was launched to raise enough funds to begin.

What We Did

Restore is a project run by Faye, a member of our team and also Scott’s wife. So you could say this is cheating a little by listing it as a case study. Yet, Restore’s launch was guided with Scott and his team’s input.

We crafted the presentation given at this one hour presentation. We worked heavily on demonstrating how vital the need for Restore was within the wider context of support for survivors of human trafficking, and focussed on the fact that after 45 days of being in a safe house, there was no national programme to help rehabilitate them.

The result was that Restore secured £1500 in recurring monthly donations from that first event, in addition to one-off donations, which allowed Restore to proceed with its plan.

Scott and Faye then developed the ongoing donor and volunteer engagement strategy, and created the visual image of Restore. The proposition that we crafted remains the centre of Restore’s pitch to donors to this day.

Restore now has its own Safe House, where it is able to house 5 victims at the same time, and has a large volunteer team consisting of befrienders, students and professionals who share their time and expertise to help their service users.

Result: £1500 raised in recurring month donations from one presentation