How to Engage Stakeholders


Of all the engagement scenarios in the world, stakeholder engagement is notoriously one of the hardest.

It is a massively tricky process because when it comes to having a stake in something, people are rightly precious about it, and have their own desires and intentions for the project or entity at large.

Essentially, everyone has their own patch. And they don’t want their patch to be ruined!

Three Strategies to Increase Engagement

In this short video, I discuss three ways that you can increase participation.

This is important because participation is the currency of engagement. Engagement is not something you create in a moment, rather it is the effect of what you’ve created in the moment; the description of the moment, if you will.

The way we create the effect of engagement is through participation itself.

Therefore it’s critical to know how to create participation. In this video I discuss three ways of doing that, through three different metaphors:

  1. Buttons
  2. Dots
  3. Containers

You won’t be metaphors that these items are in fact sequential. Buttons lead to dots which lead to containers. It’s a bit obtuse to read, but as you watch the video you’ll get it!

Please do share your feedback in the comments below.

Video: Steve Jobs on Apple and Value, in 1997

Has your brand lost power in an over-saturated market? With thanks to Trey Pennington, this short little video from Steve Jobs back in 1997 provides exceptional insight into using values in marketing to multiple the power of your brand.

I found it’s been valuable for me to watch this because in some instances when we talk so much about content online we forget about the power that design has. I’m always telling people that design matters but feel I’ve lost a bit of way, so I needed this:

If you can’t see the above video, click here, or watch directly on YouTube. Continue…

Video: How McDonalds Turned It Around

If you can’t see the video above, click here.

I recently found – a site full of interviews with executives from organisations and brands you know, and some you don’t. It takes a bit of time to go through, and you have to sign up to see the full length videos, but it is worthwhile.

You’ve probably seen McDonalds brand transformation over the last 5 years, both in their stores and in their branding – in fact, you probably can’t miss it. Even in the middle of nowhere in Spain, there’s McDonalds – a testimony to the power that this brand wields.

This video tells the inside story of how they turned things around, which contains some pretty useful insights. Note that you will have to sign up to view the video, which does give me an affiliate rate back, however that’s just a nice perk for what is a useful resource for you, so please don’t feel obliged to lend me the pennies! Continue…

Robin’s Thoughts on Maintenance

In our discussion recently on “it’s easier to obtain than maintain“, we looked at how we deal with the everyday ‘boring’ work, considering most of us are type A, driven, motivation fuelled people.

One comment really stuck at as having a lot of gold in, from my dear friend Robin Dickinson. (It’s not the first time. He’s been doing this for a year now…)

Before I quote the comment and share my thoughts on what he said, it’s important to point out in the spirit of curation that Robin’s blog is the best self-focus and business development blog that I engage with, and also a model community for many to follow on what Robin and I call the ‘comment driven blog’. Continue…

It’s Easier To Obtain Than Maintain

Here’s a thought to kick off the week: is it easier to obtain than maintain?

For example: I find it easier to start and lead something, than managing it once it has been bult. Like Minds is always growing (check out our latest addition) – so I’m not so much maintaining it as I am obtaining new ground every month.

This is a hack I use. I know that I have energy and motivation to obtain, so I always focus on growing the things that I’m leading – or setting targets to obtain.

Faye, however, is far better at maintaining – so in many ways we compliment each other. Of course, we also can both step into obtain or maintain at any point if it is really required of us. This balance has been so useful for everything we do as a team. Continue…

If You Had To Start Again

I was having lunch with someone the other day who was asking about becoming an Active Authority – someone who uses social media to actively engage people in a particular subject by demonstrating their expertise and authority in said subject.

Think Olivier Blanchard. When Olivier talks about brand management and social media management, people stop talking and listen. When he’s finished talking, people start repeating adapting what he’e said. Why? Because he’s the authority on it.

Now I wrote sometime ago on 5 ways to use Twitter as an Active Authority, but a comment on Wednesday made me see this in a new light, and I’d like to open up the discussion.

On the discussion about the myth of the personal brand, Codi Spodnik commented: Continue…