Take Me Home

Take me back home
To the refuge of my Lord,
For too long have I wondered alone
In a spite of my own accord.
I long for Your warmth and sweet embrace,
The way You call my name.
I need Your holy touch upon my face
And how You rid me of my shame.

How long I have drifted.
So deep in mud I am,
That I feel I cannot be lifted
From its tight grasping hand.
The bitter taste of pride,
Making my instinct to run,
But leaving me no where to hide,
My only option was to succumb.

Yet as the sun is sure to rise
So to was the call of my name.
As if from a parting in the skies
Though still caring it came.
You took my hand and held it tight
In the warmth of Your palm.
And there it felt so right,
Secure and peacefully calm.
And then it was plain to see:
No longer were the lions that roam,
For You my Shepherd have found me
And taken this lost sheep home.

9th August, 2000

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