The Dawning

This morning, when I first saw you,
As every morning, you were like no other morning.
The same sweet perfume smelt sweetly new,
And your blue eyes
Did bluely shine,
Upon this newest dawning.

This morning, when I first saw you,
My heart beat faster than any other morning.
And my same feelings were painfully new,
As looking in your eyes
My heart did cry,
Upon this newest dawning.

And this morning, as I behold you,
I know not what to say, as every morning.
But I would love to give a thousand praises new
To your blue eyes
As they do shine
Upon this newest dawning.

Yet this morning, as my heart beats after you,
I do the terrible same, as every morning.
And I do that same, not the new,
Despite your blue eyes,
And my heart cries,
Upon this newest dawning.

And so this morning, as I look at you,
I will speak untruly, as every morning.
And so I pretend to despise that which is new,
As in your blue eyes
Starts the smallest cry
Upon this newest morning.

And this morning, that was made for you,
I will ruin, again, as every morning.
Despite your beauty, I put down the new,
And epitomize
The worst lies
Upon this newest dawning.

Thus this evening, I will cry after you,
As every evening, but more than any other evening.
And for myself, nothing is new:
For I again I lied
To my heart cries,
And I will I cry for tomorrow’s dawning.

And this morning, when I first see you,
I will be crying, like no other morning.
And I fear my words that shan’t be new,
And this is why
My heart does cry
In the morning, when I am mourning;

And this morning, before I see you,
I can see your beauty more than morning,
More than the day is just new,
And so do I
Adore your blue eyes
More, upon every day’s newest dawning.

2nd March, 2002

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