‘Touch’ Women’s Conference

The Mission

Touch was a faith-based women’s conference that had been founded in 2005, but three years later was unable to break 100 delegates. I was brought in to increase registrations.

What We Did

First of all, a new conference image was designed, one that was more emotive, and also evocative, than previous years.

Then an ‘idea virus’ strategy was put into place. Churches across the region were targeted, and relationship were built with them over a few months. At the end of that period, a box was sent to each church with a poster, flyers, and other materials for the women within that church to share amongst the congregation.

The result was a doubling of attendance for the conference.

Many collaborators now within Conceptional worked together at the time to deliver the conference, which ran over three days and had a number of keynotes, interviews, music performances, lunches and workshops.


Increased attendance by 100%

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