I’ve been speaking since 15 years of age, where I began in my local youth group.

Since then, I’ve given hundreds of talks, lectures, MC’ing and workshops at conferences, business events, concerts, universities, schools, colleges, after-dinner talks, youth camps, church services and the like.

I’ve spoken internationally in both business and spirituality / church contexts, from workshops of a handful to audiences of hundreds.

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If you want to get people engaged around your mission, there are three vitals things you must do: 1) Have a clear and compelling message, 2) Deliver engaging events, 3) Sustain the engagement through integration.

I offer three packages to address these key capabilities:

1. The Event Roadmapping Workshop: for those starting out in engaging their audience, an event is a critical first step. Read more below.

2. Engagement Advice & Support: access to my expertise, on a monthly retainer. Read more below.

3. Project Strategy & Delivery: bespoke project delivery. Not currently available.

1. The Event Roadmapping Workshop

If you’re just getting started with engaging your audience in a whole new way, you will already be aware of the important role that events play in that. In fact, it’s like that your industry and your competitors (in whatever form they may be) are already doing events: but you’re missing out, and you know it.

If you could realise your event potential the gains could be huge. But events aren’t a straightforward thing. There’s 10 types of event to choose from, a range of styles, and many layers of dependencies and decisions to be made. Then there’s the ultimate questions: Will it be profitable? How will you deliver it? And will people even want to come?

My Event Roadmapping Workshop will answer these questions, and provide you with a clear path to delivery. In particular, the workshop will furnish you with:

  • The 3 reasons why people attend events, and how your organisation can meet those reasons
  • The 10 event types, and which ones are best for your organisation
  • A calculation that will determine your event’s size, style, budget, sponsorship projection, ticket price and more
  • The 3 stages of event planning, and how to overcome the chicken-and-egg issue of sourcing speakers, sponsors and an audience from scratch
  • A event planning timeframe that you immediately put into action
  • A promotion timeframe and formula for ticket sales

But most of all, the Event Roadmapping Workshop gives you and I time to go over your business and use my ideas and frameworks to plot a path to your preferred future.

Delivery: one day workshop
Price: £1,800


2. Engagement Support

When committing to engage with your people—whoever they might be, from an audience to your staff, and from constituents to students—there’s a myriad of questions on an almost daily basis:

  • Mainly: How should we go about doing this?!
  • And then: How should we phrase this email?
  • How can we get more people to volunteer this month?
  • How do we get a greater response to our messaging?
  • What should we put out on Facebook that gets people talking?
  • How can we increase the participation with this particular survey?
  • What’s the best way to approach this person?
  • How can we get more people attending our events?

With Engagement Support, I am available over email and phone to discuss these practical, tactical questions.

But it’s not only the practical, despite how valuable that is.

I’m also available to think on your behalf: optimising your engagement by offering feedback that would implement my frameworks and increase your effectiveness.

Delivery: monthly retainer
Price: from £1,200 a month


3. Project Strategy & Delivery

I am not currently available for new projects.