Young Devon

The Mission

Young Devon was established in 1949 as a project to change the odds in favour of young people. It was now 2008, and new methods of reaching digitally active teenagers need to be employed.

What We Did

We worked with their trustees and senior management team to develop and implement a hub and spokes social media model. The challenge was ensuring that it complied with their policies, to ensure the safety of their young people and the organisation’s reputation.

They also had a tired brand image. So, over a series of meetings with their senior management, trustees, practitioners and young people, we developed a refreshed image centred around the slogan “Volunteering is something else”, and launched alongside a new website, and a new presence on Facebook and Twitter.

It was 2008, but we already knew video was going to big (it’s just obvious, really). So we made a number of videos about their service users and community projects, put them up to an early YouTube, and then encouraged the young people to share the videos that they were in to drive traffic to the new social media accounts.


Engagement with 10 key stakeholders to develop social media strategy that was aligned with critical policies

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