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The Four Fields of Engagement June 5, 2017 - How to categorise the different types of engagement
How to Engage Stakeholders April 27, 2017 - Of all the engagement scenarios in the world, stakeholder engagement is notoriously one of the hardest. It is a massively tricky process because when it comes to having a stake in something, people are rightly precious about it, and have their own desires and intentions for the project or entity at large. Essentially, everyone has their ...
Showcase Strategy: Engaging by putting people in the show April 20, 2017 - In this short, 3-minute video, I explain how one of the most powerful engagement strategies works. I call it “Showcase Strategy”, and I’ve used it successfully many, many times. I first learned about it when I was 20 – which is what I share in this video! The idea When we showcase people in something, ...

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