Review: Oversubscribed, by Daniel Priestley

Can you escape market fluctuation by creating your own micro market? By oversubscribing interest in your offering, you can control the demand and supply chain for your own mini market. In this review I explore how Daniel Priestly suggests we do this in his 2015 book, Oversubscribed. The main idea: your own 'market of me' You ...


How HMRC runs engaging webinars

In this article we will briefly look at the current state of webinars before we analyse a webinar run by HMRC (the UK tax office), and how you can replicate that on your own webinars. We've all been on more webinars that we can remember, yet few of them were probably memorable. That's because the format that ...


Review: The Slight Edge, by Jeff Olson

This is my review of The Slight Edge by Jeff Olson. I'll be looking at it's overall message, and picking out the points that were most relevant to me, in the hope that we can spark some discussion off of that. In late 2015 my friend Robert Clay told the participants of the first Ampersand ...


Three Strategies to Increase Engagement

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tc7mPktEPTs&feature=youtu.be In this short video, I discuss three ways that you can increase participation. This is important because participation is the currency of engagement. Engagement is not something you create in a moment, rather it is the effect of what you've created in the moment; the description of the moment, if you will. The way ...

‘Small and social’ vs ‘big and broadcast’

Last night I came upon the phrase ‘small and social’ while reflecting on Brennan Dunn's DYFConf in Europe. Brennan ran a very different type of conference, which as you would expect, was an immersive, engaging experience and therefore very transformational. Yet, this happened in some part by accident, because initially he wanted 100 people to ...


My Values

On my journey to discover who I am, I have been thinking about my values. By codifying my values, I hope to have a list of criteria for things that I do, then if what I'm doing doesn't reflect this list of values, it's the wrong thing for me to be doing. I took me a while ...


The difficult journey of being yourself

Years ago I read that as a leader you will have your own values that you lead by. This was a revelation to me - I had assumed that as a leader who should get rid of your own personality (I was a self-effacing church leader, after all!) Recently I have returned to business after ...


Focussing In

Some say that you should make your goals public, others say you shouldn't. I probably sit on the keep-it-to-yourself end of the spectrum. But one goal that I will make public is my desire to focus. I was thinking today how what is one person's inspiring is another's distracting. I have to be careful about how ...


5 Years Later

No, this isn't like 28 Weeks Later. It's been 5 years since April 2011, the month that I stopped blogging after doing it for 2 years, and also the same time that I was already drifting away from social media, and from the wonderful relationships that I had built with about 50 people through this blog. ...


Where to begin (again)

So, after pretty much 5 years of not writing on this blog (actually, I deleted it), I have painstakingly resurrected it and am now ready to begin, again. But where to begin? Here. This moment. My fingers on the keyboard, putting something out there. It's good to be back (again).

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