It is not engaging heads but hearts that changes the world.

Author, Speaker & Advisor in Engagement

Engagement is togetherness, between you and your

I’m interested in deep engagement; where teams believe in a cause, customers buy-in to a behaviour, and communities embrace belonging.

As an author, speaker, I think about this, and then write and talk about it!

As an advisor, I work with leaders and organisations to help them get people highly engaged around their mission.

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My Book

The Shape of Engagement

The art of building enduring connections with your customers, employees and communities.

About Me

I’m an author, speaker and executive advisor in engagement. 

I’m also a poet, former church minister, and a former creative director – all of which feeds heavily into my work.

I’m fascinated by what engages the depth of us as humans, and how we can harness that for good.

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So if...

  • You have a message of change, but you're not sure your team ‘get it’...
  • You're trying to reach customer's hearts, not just their minds or their wallets...
  • You want to unlock the power you can see in a community...
  • Then you're facing a challenge of engagement, and that's what I'm all about.