I Never Knew

I never knew when I first saw your smile
It would shine on me every morning.
I never knew that in my trials
Your words would be the strongest anchoring.
I never knew on that day we married
It would be the least that I loved you.
I never knew the things that you’d achieve,
Or how our love would mature and deepen so.
And I never knew, though I should’ve done,
How you’d mother with such wisdom and grace,
How you’d pass on everything you’d become,
And the beauty you’d impart to each child’s face.
And when grey one day I still delight in you,
Still with wonder I shall say I never knew.

How HMRC runs engaging webinars

How HMRC runs engaging webinars

In this article we will briefly look at the current state of webinars before we analyse a webinar run by HMRC (the UK tax office), and how you can replicate that on your own webinars.

We’ve all been on more webinars that we can remember, yet few of them were probably memorable. That’s because the format that most webinars run by is truly horrid. But in a recent experience that I had, I have discovered you can learn a good deal about running a highly engaging webinar from HMRC.

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Review: The Slight Edge, by Jeff Olson

Review: The Slight Edge, by Jeff Olson

This is my review of The Slight Edge by Jeff Olson. I’ll be looking at it’s overall message, and picking out the points that were most relevant to me, in the hope that we can spark some discussion off of that.

In late 2015 my friend Robert Clay told the participants of the first Ampersand Club a story about a father who has two grownup children. He offers them both a choice: have a million dollars cash today (hey, he’s American), or have one penny, but the value of that sum will be doubled everyday.

As you can might guess, one child takes the million and it destroys him/her, whereas the other takes the one penny, and by day 30, they have become a millionaire many times over.

It turns out this story is from The Slight Edge, the book Robert recommended that evening that we go away and read. And I did go away and read it… 7 months later.

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