Most essentially I am a thinker and pilgrim who loves communicating ideas and connecting with people. My life has been greatly enriched by the people I’ve met, and it is my core belief that engaging more richly with other people is good for the world.

That’s lead me down many paths, such as being a church minister, social entrepreneur, event producer, designer, TV producer and creative director amongst other things.

I’ve spent the last two years going through a personal transition, and have been working on my theory of engagement that I first started back in 2009.

If you want to know what I’m up to right now, pop along to my now page.

Formal Bio

Scott is a thinker and expert in engagement, an area he has worked in for 17 years domestically and internationally. He consults with purpose driven organisations who need to engage and galvanise their followers around their mission, including Microsoft, Nokia, GAIN, and the Finland tourist board. He previously founded the popular Like Minds series of conferences, and is the creator of a unified theory of engagement.

Scott is a pilgrim and student of life: he’s been a church minister, lecturer, TV producer, event manager, entrepreneur, designer, developer and creative director to name a few of his jobs. The one thread through them all has been people: how to connect with people, how to engage people, and how to inspire people.

As a consultant, he led a team of 15 marketing executives to create Finland’s tourism social media strategy, and has worked with a range of organisations to engage their communities, including Exeter City Council, Microsoft, Somerset County Council, Nokia, Quilliam, Church of England, ARM, and F&W Media.

Over his career thus far, Scott has delivered 500 talks, carried out over 20,000 hours of community building, and run over 400 events.

Scott is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts.

Current Projects

#HowToEngage – a series of articles on how to engage in different scenarios. Currently in development.

Ampersand Club – a peer mentoring group.

Alive Engagement – engagement consultancy.

Past Projects

River Church Plymouth – I led an inner city ‘startup’ church which grew 500% from 30 to 150 members.

Like Minds – one of the first social media conferences, and one of the first Twitter hashtag communities.

Aaron+Gould – a social media consultancy I started in 2008.

GO TV – 35-episode lifestyle television programme that I produced in 2006.

Feedback – a social enterprise I started in 2003 to engage with young people through music. Interesting note: we built an early online ticketing system, marketed through MySpace (in 2004), and got bands signed.

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