Young Devon

The Mission Young Devon was established in 1949 as a project to change the odds in favour of young people. It was now 2008, and

‘Touch’ Women’s Conference

The Mission Touch was a faith-based women’s conference that had been founded in 2005, but three years later was unable to break 100 delegates. I

International Night

The Mission A HIGH-IMPACT VARIETY SHOW THAT GALVANISED THE INTERNATIONAL COMMUNITY WITHIN EXETER. What We Did We used showcase strategy to slowly build our following on the

Max Control

Mission Engage with young people in Somerset via social media to get them enrolled in an extreme driving course that through a head-fake teaches safer

F+W Media

Mission HELPING A PUBLISHER TRANSITION ITS BUSINESS MODEL TO DIGITAL COMMUNITY. An established publisher in the USA and UK, the UK office required a workshop


Mission Restore was a project that planed to help the lives of victims of human tracking by providing housing and rehabilitation. It had a one

Like Minds Summit

Mission To get 15 leading thinkers to focus long enough to produce a white paper, on two separate occasions, that could be presented to our

Visit Finland

Mission Leading a team of 15 consultants to deliver a social media strategy for a nation. What We Did As part of the second Like

Results = Time + Action

I just read this line, which according to this tweet below, is from Chris Do: I think this formula is an elegant summary of an

The Three Skills of a Leader

Recently I was asked what I thought the three most important skills of leadership were. Typically, such responses are things like “vision” or maybe something