Expert assistance for leaders who need to improve engagement.


Expert assistance for leaders who need to improve engagement.


Expert assistance for leaders who need to improve engagement.

Are you a leader who needs to get people engaged?

Today the need to engage people, whether it’s our customers, users, team members, communities, stakeholders, or any other group of people, is paramount for leaders.

Typically, a leader’s long list of engagement to-dos include things like:

  • Engaging customers in an ever competitive marketplace, which means you need to:
  • Get your team to highly engaged around what you’re doing, which means:
  • Engaging with yourself and getting clear about your message, which also means:
  • Getting the board’s or senior manager’s agreement on new projects, which will entail:
  • Creating key presentations that get crucial buy-in, which’ll mean you then need to:
  • Identifying obstacles and developing engagement strategies for your organisation or department, all the while you need to:
  • Strengthening inter-personal engagement skills,
  • and on the cycle goes!

When leaders need help with this, it isn’t that they aren’t already competent or engaging leaders – far from it! – but rather it’s a matter of needing to know what to do next when it comes to a particular engagement scenario. It is my privilege to be able to coach such leaders to a point of engagement success.

If you're that leader, I can help

I launched this coaching service in direct response to the work I’ve done with a range of leaders who wanted to improve engagement.

And I only do it for people in that situation. So if you’re one of these:

  • an executive or manager responsible for engagement,
  • a community leader,
  • a startup founder,
  • or a leader who has a critical engagement need,

…then I can likely help.

Leaders I've coached have come from organisations including:

How you'll benefit from working with me

Coaching is an investment of time, energy and money, so here’s four reasons why it’s worth making that investment:

  1. You’ll get engagement expertise that is grounded in organisational and scientific theory, and explained through models that I’ve gathered over many years, including my own specific engagement frameworks as per my book (I’m a model fiend!). This means you’ll learn things as mental models that you can easily remember and then put into practice.
  2. You’ll benefit from the years of experience I’ve accrued – and I think this is important – from actually doing this stuff. My sector experience includes aviation, broadcast media, co-working spaces, creative industries, education, energy and climate, entertainment, event production, local government, national government, non-profit and NGOs, publishing, religion, social justice, startups, sustainability, technology, telecommunications, tourism, town planning, and youth work.
  3. You’ll get my care, attention, and passion. I’ve been advising people on a one-to-one basis for around 20 years, at one point as a church pastor, and now as a consultant and specialist in engagement. I consider it a great privilege to be able to speak into leader’s lives and help them get more engagement around what they are doing.
  4. And can I be honest? You’ll get to talk with someone who has had a fair share of failure as well as success. In fact, everything I’ve learned is what I’ve had to learn the hard way, through blood, sweat and tears. I know what it’s like to feel like you don’t have these skills, to compare yourself to others, but also, what it’s like to finally overcome and win. And that’s what I’ll help you do.

Finer details

Things we'll cover together:

What you'll get:

The impact coaching will have includes:

Investment: £250 per session, plans available

It's easy to get a session booked ASAP. Select a date and time, and pay with your credit card.

Have any questions? Email me,

What some people have said

Scott has the capacity to generously give his time to those he is dealing with, making you feel like you're his only client.

I have had the pleasure of receiving some of Scott's wisdom and generosity first hand and of observing it displayed to others.

A man of integrity and openness, I would highly recommend Scott.
Alex Green
Owner, Bolton Osteopath Clinic
Scott brings a refreshing mix of knowledgeable insight and creative solutions to coaching; and communicates it in bite-sized, memorable portions.
Korneel Verhaeghe
Partnership Development Manager, Exeter University
Scott's openness and honesty about his experiences, and his ability to engage with others has helped motivate and inspire my own personal growth. I have learned better social skills from observing and following his example.
Diana Bastone
Former Head Teacher
Scott is very trustworthy. Having helped me with some very sensitive matters over the years, he has always given me excellent advice.
Business Owner
After every conversation with Scott I always gain a fresh perspective or new insight... A rare quality!
Tim Tod
Former CEO, Young Devon

Finally, my Monday Morning Guarantee

I’m not a drop in and disappear motivational coach. As a partner in your success, I’m focussed on ideas and frameworks that will make a real difference for you.

Therefore I’m proud to guarantee that come Monday morning, you’ll be able to recall what we discussed and put it into practice, with results. 

If not, I’ll provide the session again free if charge to ensure you can. 

It's easy to get a session booked ASAP. Select a date and time, and pay with your credit card.

Have any questions? Email me,