Expert help for leaders that are driving community change, and need people highly engaged around their ideas, cause and mission

I work at the intersection of people and ideas on what I believe is the most important idea of all: engagement.

Engagement is the art of making and maximising connections. I work with organisations to help them maximise their existing people relationships, and create new bonds that are strong, enduring and transformational.

Engagement is a discipline distinct from marketing, HR, sales or community management, that creates high value, two-way relationships that drive new behaviours such as changed world views, increased commitment, high levels of advocacy and behavioural change.

I’ve worked for 16 years in engagement within a range of sectors, and had the privilege to help shape the concept through my Ampersand Model, which I use to help leaders achieve the engagement their ideas and causes need.

For your convenience, I offering my best consulting services as low-risk, fixed-price packages, which can move onto bespoke offerings. If you didn’t find a package to meet your needs, drop me a line at to discuss a custom engagement.

How To Get People Highly Engaged – The Workshop

Everyone wants to get more engagement. It’s how any project, team or business becomes a success. Yet, almost no one knows how engagement actually works, let alone have a process that consistently gets people highly engaged.

This workshop solves that very difficult problem. Over the course of a day, you will discover:

  • Why an engaged person yields a 23% premium over an unengaged person, and how to take someone from one to the other.
  • The three processes of engagement that are constantly happening, and why most people don’t take advantage of them.
  • The six stages of engagement, and how to systematically take an individual or group to each level.
  • A framework that can be used immediately to boost engagement, without needing the whole organisation to adopt it or change anything (I’m looking at you, Agile!)
  • A range of simple tactics for us in your messaging (emails, social media, conversations) that will increase engagement 5x.

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I’ve been giving talks for half my life, and have delivered over 500 of them.

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90-Minute Strategy Call

Not sure where to start with engagement? Want to make sure you’re heading in the right direction? Need time with an expert to talk over your strategy? Can’t figure out the next steps?  I’m here to help with this diamond-focused strategy call, where I’ll share my best advice with you.

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Engagement Support

When committing to engage with your people—whoever they might be, from an audience to your staff, and from constituents to students—there’s a myriad of questions on an almost daily basis:

  • Mainly: How should we go about doing this?!
  • And then: How should we phrase this email?
  • How can we get more people to volunteer this month?
  • How do we get a greater response to our messaging?
  • What should we put out on Facebook that gets people talking?
  • How can we increase the participation with this particular survey?
  • What’s the best way to approach this person?
  • How can we get more people attending our events?

With Engagement Support, I am available over email and phone to discuss these practical, tactical questions.

But it’s not only the practical, despite how valuable that is.

I’m also available to think on your behalf: optimising your engagement by offering feedback that would implement my frameworks and increase your effectiveness.

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Project Strategy & Delivery

I am currently not available for new projects.