10th February 2019

It is winter in England, which means short, cold days. I have spent these primarily on consulting work.

This time last year I was traveling to a lot of conferences. This year I have fewer, as I have raised my speaking fee, and am focussing on those conferences that are greater in stature – as traveling takes a lot of time out of my schedule.

I feel the most comfortable that I have about what I do, what I talk about, and what my narrative is, however I am still overthinking it. I hope that I can make things simpler in the months to come.

Here’s a photo from Sitges, in Spain. I was there last month, and it was beautiful and warm compared to how England is. I only had a short session to speak at, so I spent time in the sun reading Charles Bukowksi.

Me by the numbers:

  • 2 3 kids, 1 wife, and 1 hamster 1 dog
  • Over 500 talks / workshops / lectures / seminars / sermons done
  • 16 17 18 years experience in engagement
  • Over 20,000 21,000 hours in community building
  • 400+ conferences / productions / concerts / shows / services that I’ve run
  • 20 years of web, graphic and creative designer – innumerable things made
  • 16 years old when I had my first client, self employed since 19 (2003)
  • 40 television programmes produced
  • 100 200-ish poems written
  • 1300-ish congregants pastored
  • 1 stammer that I manage
  • 2000-ish a few hundred books in my library (I had a major cull)
  • 20 years of managing depression
  • 35 items or so of clothing, excluding underwear (thus 1 aspiring minimalist)
  • Bench pressing 85kg 100kg