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Let Me Engage You!

Ok, that’s a cheesy line. But it really is what I do.

I speak to a wide range of organisations and conferences about engagement, and am a regular guest on post-graduate programmes.

Content-wise, I talk about how to engage employees, customers, communities, users, or anyone. Based on my book and research, I help audiences understand the underlying process that engagement follows, in any situation.

However, my clients don’t just hire me to talk about engagement – they hire me to actually get people engaged in engagement. It means that come Monday morning, people aren’t just aware of engagement. They are engaged and doing it.

My speaking clients include The United Nations, UNICEF, Nokia, Aegon, European Patents Office, The International Organisation for Migration, Trelleborg, STILL, Radiometer, The MET Office, NatWest Bank, Hyper Island, KAOS Pilot, FastDev, The Business Continuity Institute, F&W Media, ECOMMPAY and others.

1000+ speeches

20+ years’ experience

35+ countries

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Virtual & In-Person Talk Topics


Re-engaging relationships in the Post-Covid World

The whole world is watching as organisations reconnect with their employees, customers, and their communities.

We MUST get this right, but many make mistakes because they fail to engage in the way that engagement actually works, which sometimes makes things even worse.

This talk shows you HOW to get this right, and inspires your team to WANT to get right.

Tipping the Scales of Change

A talk on change that enables anyone to do it. Guaranteed.

Smells Like Team Spirit

Uncovering the language (and lyrics!) of leadership that make for highly engaged teams.

The Shape of Engagement

This is the talk that demystifies engagement into three simple shapes… you’ll never forget it.

Virtually Unstoppable

The psychology and techniques behind reading a virtual room and thriving in a remote world.

The Never-Ending Customer
Discover the strategies of superior customer engagement
that survive a changing world.

The Tailored Talk

For some of my clients, I go beyond just delivering a talk – I actually create it with them.

This has the huge benefit of really making my talk speak to where their organisation is at. As a result, those ideas stick far more powerfully because I customise my analogies and frameworks to the organisation.

Sometimes, it even means I develop new concepts to meet the organisation’s need.

Here’s the process:

  • I interview people from across the organisation, and identify key points that the presentation should address.
  • I present my first draft of what I have discovered, what points I think we need to address, and how.
  • We have three development meetings, where I present my progress on the presentation and get your input.
  • You will know the content of the talk in advance, because we’ve worked on it together, which means you can then take those ideas and use them in promotion before, or to help internalise the ideas after.

Scott’s talk wasn’t just inspirational, it was developed with us and tailored to precisely match our organisations’ culture and vision, which made it far more valuable than a standard talk could ever have been.


This approach meant that Scott could tailor his delivery and help us create something special. As a result of this tailored approach, the ideas and suggestions which we explored are already becoming embedded within our daily culture, and it has been refreshing to work with someone who is able to help us develop our team and ideas both now and in the future.