Engaging keynotes and workshops on the vital topic of engagement

Scott is a leading voice in engagement, who literally wrote the book on how people engage with ideas, things, and each other.

He is known for delivering compelling and entertaining talks that engage audiences and change behaviours.

Formerly a church minister, and a consultant to a wide range of organisations including the United Nations, he draws on a breadth of human experience that brings the topic of engagement to life.

A leading voice in engagement


He makes the process of engagement very tangible

United Nations

A one-in-a-million speaker


59% of the audience voted him to be their favourite speaker

World Usability Day

One request: book Scott Gould as a speaker every year!

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The king of engagement

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In-Person & Virtual Talks

The 3 Processes of Engagement

3 Tips for Engaging Experiences

Engaging employees in the remote world

Engaging Customers in a Sale

The 6 Stages of Human Engagement

Events vs Community Engagement

Lessons from the End of the World

Manipulation in Engagement

The Tailored Talk

For some of my clients, I go beyond just delivering a talk – I actually create it with them.

This has the huge benefit of really making my talk speak to where their organisation is at. As a result, those ideas stick far more powerfully because I customise my analogies and frameworks to the organisation.

Sometimes, it even means I develop new concepts to meet the organisation’s need.

Here’s the process:

  • I interview people from across the organisation, and identify key points that the presentation should address.
  • I present my first draft of what I have discovered, what points I think we need to address, and how.
  • We have three development meetings, where I present my progress on the presentation and get your input.
  • You will know the content of the talk in advance, because we’ve worked on it together, which means you can then take those ideas and use them in promotion before, or to help internalise the ideas after.