I’ve been speaking since 15 years of age, where I began in my local youth group.

Since then, I’ve given hundreds of talks, lectures, MC’ing and workshops at conferences, business events, concerts, universities, schools, colleges, after-dinner talks, youth camps, church services and the like.

I’ve spoken internationally in both business and spirituality / church contexts, from workshops of a handful to audiences of hundreds.

Some of my achievements in speaking / presenting include:

  • I’m next speaking at DAMConf in Croatia, the International Centre for Enterprise Engagement in Texas, UXSalon in Tel Aviv, and Confex in London.
  • Most recently spoke at WebExpo in Prague, The College of Extraordinary Experiences, and UXBucharest.
  • Speaking at the first International Youth Conference & festival (IYCF) in Pakistan, organised by Khudi and Quilliam.
  • Expert guest on BBC Watchdog.
  • Delivered over 100 sermons at River Church Plymouth.
  • Invited to speak alongside President George W. Bush. (I didn’t take the invite up, as it was around the same time as the birth of my first child.)
  • Delivered the keynote and introduced the Lord Mayor at Exeter International Night three times.
  • Spoke to a crowd of 100-500 rowdy youth, every month, and then every week, for 2 years!
  • Presenter on GO TV.



“The simple fact that Scott structures the entire workshop through gestures, playful words and games, combined with theory, made us more aware and more present, and that was the essence of what we were supposed to learn. We were being engaged by the method he was teaching, even though we never knew it until the end.”
– Diana-Georgiana Gheorghe, Recruitment Consultant, Reiffeisen Bank

“At giffgaff we believe in building close relationships with our members and Scott’s frameworks on the psychology of engagement has helped us better understand engagement and also approach planning engagement as both a science and an art. Additionally, the Shape of Engagement has enabled us to clearly and concisely explain the immense value of engagement to everyone across the business.”
– Timo Tolonen, Head of Community, giffgaff

“Mr. Gould can make complex concepts understandable to both laymen and specialists, and to humanize concepts that would otherwise be impersonal and abstract. As a writer, a speaker, and a colleague Mr. Gould brings the benefit of his insight and experience, and opens minds to the possibilities inherent in the concept of concepts grounded in experience. I have told him many times that I consider him a treasure, and I am happy to repeat it now to you: Scott Gould is a treasure. I celebrate your fortune in having found him.”
– Dr Jason Cox, Assistant Professor of Art Education/Head of Art Education, The University of Toledo

“Scott is a one-of-a-million speaker. His passion and mastering of the spoken word make him one of the most inspirational speakers you will ever meet.”
– Delfin Vasello, PowerVision Robot Corporation

“I had known Scott through social media for almost a year, then I was fortunate to meet him in person and heard him speak. To put it straight—Scott was phenomenal speaker. His presentation was inspiring and beyond engaging, even with no slides.”
– Waqas Ali, Founder, Markhor Shoes

“Just a note to say how much all the staff enjoyed Scott’s ‘Growth Mindset’ training on Wednesday. He has a most engaging way of presenting and we found it very interesting.”
— Sue Williams, Headteacher, Stowford School

“Scott has a flair for communicating ideas simply and meaningfully, by blending digital, offline media, and public speaking.
— Andrew Davis, Co-founder, idio

“As a lecturer at the leadership programme I took part in, he displayed his phenomenal ability to communicate and break down a subject week after week. This is a rare skill that made new leadership material not only theoretically understandable, but also practically applicable.”
— Korneel Verhaeghe, Exeter University

“Scott’s lectures were excellent; he clearly articulated concepts and theories that he was then able to associate with practical actions and methodologies to inspire real change.”
— Michael Turnbull, Deltascheme

“Scott is an excellent public speaker, able to breakdown and deliver complicated subjects and concepts into chunks that an average audience can understand.”
— Seun Keshiro, SkiveServices


The things that I speak on are around my key subjects that this website reflects:

  • Engagement: what engagement is, how to do it, its benefits and imperatives.
  • Community: how to build communities (and how NOT to build communities!)
  • Events: delivering great events that people actually learn and network at.
  • Leadership: how to build teams and lead people, from someone who found it very hard to learn how (me!)
  • Life Design: the habits and productivity traits for getting stuff done.

On the line of spirituality, church and religion, things are a bit more granular:

  • The main thing I can talk about is my own journey into and out of a cult-like / fundamentalist church.
  • This above subject of course then touches on wholeness vs controlling leadership / doctrine / habits. Along this line, I like to talk to churches about a maturity metaphor to church, rather than a journey metaphor.
  • I also talk to church congregations (sermons) on faith, hope and love, and how these three are the critical elements of christian life and indeed church life.

I can also do inspiring talks (often to young people) on these subjects, all with stories from my own life.

Celebrant / Wedding Ceremonies

I love doing weddings. As a minister I did some weddings, and I still do them now as a celebrant for friends.


I am very happy to accept invitations to lectures, workshops and talks. You can fill in the form below to give me the relevant info, or you can email the details of your request to me.

If you need my bio and headshot, you can get them here here.