Harness the power of engagement and apply it to your organisation

Engagement – whether that’s with your customers, employees, communities, or users – is a critical businesses skill. Organisations who optimise for engagement outperform the average by a factor of 3.5x1, because quite simply, engaged people invest more, are more loyal, and are greater advocates.

But engagement isn’t just about efficiency or growth. It’s a mindset, a way of viewing the people you serve and who serve with you, and the way that any cause or purpose worth working for comes to fruition.

My workshop will teach you the art and science of engagement – not just by hearing about it, but by practicing it there and then! You’ll get to feel engagement in action, understand the core concepts, and be able to put it into action come Monday morning.

And what’s more, we will take the Shapes of Engagement from my book and then customise them explicitly to your situation, so that you come away with Your Shape of Engagement for your organisation.

1. HumanSigma, Gallup, 2007.

“We were being engaged by the method he was teaching, even though we never knew it until the end” — Raiffeisen Bank

Workshop Types

I offer four workshops, all based on the same foundation, but customised to specific engagement domains:

  • Customer Engagement Workshop
  • User Engagement Workshop
  • Community Engagement Workshop
  • Employee Engagement Workshop

All workshops cover the core models from my book, The Shape of Engagement, and then focus on the specifics issues and outcomes relevant to that context.

Scroll on for detailed descriptions of the outcomes from each of the workshops…

Core Curriculum

The Customer

“Mind-blowingly good” — Adobe

A deep dive for comms professionals into the psychology behind increasing customer spend, loyalty and advocacy.

Your audience will take away:

  • The key motivators that make customers engage with you.
  • How to build an engaging campaign that creates profound psychological connection.
  • How to build resilient loyalty that safeguards you from competitors.
  • Why ‘likes’ are a poor engagement metic, and what you should measure instead.
  • Practices to put to work right away.


“His presentation was inspiring and beyond engaging, even with no slides” – Atom Shoes

For UX, HCI and CX professionals who want to create highly engaging products and interactions with users.

Your audience will take away:

  • The 5 principles that drive engagement within a design context.
  • How to build the ultimate competitive advantage: psychological engagement beyond the product.
  • What to measure, and why!
  • Exercises that will help them develop an empathy mindset in order to understand the world of the user.


“Scott's frameworks have helped us better approach engagement, both as a science and an art” — giffgaff

Helping community professionals to deeper engagement between members and with the community’s purpose.

Your audience will take away:

  • What motivates communities to embrace purpose, mission, and social change.
  • How to tangibly gather people around intangibles like vision and values.
  • How to create a culture where members do the work of engaging each other.
  • How to build a vibrant volunteer culture.
  • What different models to use when it comes to leadership and governance.


“The workshop with Scott immediately changed our thinking and our practice for the better” — Plymouth City Council

For OD professionals and team leaders who want to get their workforce engaged around change.

Your audience will take away:

  • What really matters to employees beyond perks and ping pong tables.
  • What makes employees commit to change, even when it’s hard or controversial.
  • How to break down silos and develop a culture of connection, trust and creativity.
  • Why surveys are a dangerous engagement tool, and what to measure instead.
  • Which principles to put into practice first.