Last night Ruairi Fullam linked me to this post from ProBlogger, from May. As I read down the page, I got convicted by the following words from Chris Guillebeau:

The time to start presenting your big ideas is when you can no longer keep them to yourself in good conscience.

When you reach that same point, and when you’re willing to sacrifice for it, nothing can stop you. Some of the best advice I heard came from John Wesley at John told me that the turning point for his site was when it went from being about what he wanted to what the readers wanted.

I’ll be honest and open – I think I’m doing the first part – presenting big ideas. Perhaps the ideas are a little too conceptual… But anyway… What I am sure of, is that I’m not doing the second.

I love getting comments from you all – and as I’ve said, your comments and feedback have helped me find my voice. But I’m pretty conscious that I’m still very much writing for me, not for you. Now for some bloggers that’s fine, but I don’t want to sit down with the rest of the crowd. The whole idea of Like Minds is collaboration over innovation, and that’s the same thing people should find here.

So, I guess what I’m saying is, I’m all ears and eyes: tell me what I’m saying that helps you, what’s just plain nonsense, and what you’d like to have more of.

To help you, let me give the general areas of discussion here: innovation, experience, social media, marketing, branding, leadership, tribes, GTD, character, change.

Now, the floor is yours.