Some say that you should make your goals public, others say you shouldn’t. I probably sit on the keep-it-to-yourself end of the spectrum.

But one goal that I will make public is my desire to focus.

I was thinking today how what is one person’s inspiring is another’s distracting. I have to be careful about how much inspiration I let in: TED Talks, upbeat ‘you can do it’ LinkedIn posts, people going crazy over Gary Vaynerchuk or Michael Hyatt, or talking about personal branding.

Hey, I love that stuff. But for me, what is another’s inspiring, is my distracting. If I’m not careful, one little bit of content, and I’m off tangent and off focus.

Thus, this year’s goal is to add nothing more to my three goals (one for each of my three current projects). My goal is to focus.

Wish me luck!