My Values


On my journey to discover who I am, I have been thinking about my values. By codifying my values, I hope to have a list of criteria for things that I do, then if what I’m doing doesn’t reflect this list of values, it’s the wrong thing for me to be doing.

I took me a while to get the list together, but I finally was able to boil it down to 5, each beginning with a different vowel. The 5 initial letters gave me a challenge to really think this through and pick what are the quintessential values for me:

A – Authentic
E – Essentially
I – Integrity
O – Orderly
U – Unity

Authenticity is being true to myself, open with my life, being genuine. This would probably be the number one word that people use to describe me when they talk to me, something I hold as a great honour.

Essentially is about minimalism and essentialism. It’s an adverb, so it’s about how I do things.

Integrity is doing what’s right by others and by myself. Integrity is very important to me.

Orderly is about doing things in a systematic way. It doesn’t mean pushing order onto others or not being able to handle the messiness of life, rather it’s an adverb about how I naturally seem to do things in an orderly, systematic way, and as a leader bring order to chaos. This means that when I do something, I can turn it into a framework or maxim, which I love.

Unity is being one with the world, with nature, with others, and therefore not being judgmental. There’s a spiritual element to this, but also an aspiration to be someone who’s at peace with others, rather than in antagonism with those I find difficult.

What I like is that as vowels, these are my “vowels” – and every “word” that I write with me life will have will them in it. They are also my “vows” – the way that I commit to living.



These are great. Having such values ensures that no matter what life throws; you you can have your own internal plumb line.

Scott Gould

Thanks mate. I like that – internal plumb line! Yes!

Ashley Shaw

I have done a really great activity that brought about my values. Think about 5 of your BEST EVER and happiest moments in your life and write them out. There are patterns that will be illuminated in this process. The other way to go about this is to think about what makes you really angry and choose the opposite of those things. When someone lies to you and it makes you furious, trust is a value. This is a great activity and one that can provide a compass for all of life’s decisions. Great read!

Scott Gould

Hi Ashley – thank you so much for this lovely comment! Lovely to meet you!

Your activity sounds very helpful – I will give that a go now. I imagine that exercise is also very good for framing one’s purpose in life?

May I ask, what then are your values?


Great values,worth embracing. AEIOU

Scott Gould

Thanks Joseph!