Showcase Strategy: Engaging by putting people in the show

In this short, 3-minute video, I explain how one of the most powerful engagement strategies works. I call it “Showcase Strategy”, and I’ve used it successfully many, many times. I first learned about it when I was 20 – which is what I share in this video! The idea When we showcase people in something, ...

Why I don’t watch TED Talks

My short, humorous tale of why I don’t watch TED Talks… because they are bad for my health!

A Standard Model for All Engagement

In this 18 minute video, I take the time it would normally take to watch a TED Talk to explain the three stages of engagement, using my Ampersand Model. For my regular readers and blog community, do note (!) this is a first draft, so any feedback is welcome!

Three Strategies to Increase Engagement

In this short video, I discuss three ways that you can increase participation. This is important because participation is the currency of engagement. Engagement is not something you create in a moment, rather it is the effect of what you’ve created in the moment; the description of the moment, if you will. The way we ...