We have so much content that we are drowning. If aspiring social media magnets could only do half of what has been blogged about, as opposed to finding new ways to do what they aren’t doing every day, then we’d have a plethora of Chris Brogans.

But, we don’t. And it is the same with the western consumer world in general. We have stuff, more stuff, and stuff for our stuff. Never before have there been more books and websites (aka free information) on how to get out of debt, but never before have there been so many people in debt.

It is no new thing for us to realise, then, that the former king of the internet is now nothing more than a commoner. A commodity. Content has fallen and a new sovereign – the original sovereign – takes their place.

Today’s king is clarity. The type of blogger / tweeter / thinker who is able to communicate a thought succinctly and simultaneously rouse from their reader the most precious resource the human race has: action.

I mention Chris Brogan above because he is an excellent example of clarity. He causes action. Another is Seth Godin. And another is Olivier Blanchard. It is my opinion that we are educated beyond our level of action. These thinkers don’t educate us through content. They cause us to act through clarity.