Engagement Is About Maximising Value

Being clear about what engagement really does

Marketing or hiring is about getting new relationships, but engagement is about doing more with the relationships you already have.

That’s engagement: it’s about maximising existing relationship, to get more value out of them. It wholeheartedly seeks value over volume.

A few implications, then:

  • A brand knows that engaged customers are worth 300% more, for instance.
  • An engaging public speaker isn’t engaging because they draw big crowds. They are engaging because they maximise the relationship they have with the audience when they are speaking, which as a result, draws the crowds.
  • An engaging brand Facebook page maximises the value of the relationship it already has with its followers. Hence, Facebook separates between metrics of reach and engagement.
  • A consultant can only up sell more to an existing client if the client is engaged!

Engagement is belief in human synergy. It’s a bit like ice. Ice is sturdier and stronger than steam or water because the atoms in a solid object are tighter and more closely knit together than they are in liquid or gas form.

Engagement is maximising value by being better together.


Brian Driggs
Brian Driggs

I love the participatory angle on engagement. For as much as people like to talk about engagement and influence, at the end of the day, it’s a two-way street.

It’s reciprocal; the idea is not to simply put something out there and let others engage. We need to be prepared to reinforce the benefit of engaging by engaging, ourselves.


Scott Gould

B man! Thanks for the comment – man, this feels like old times :-)

Engagement is totally two-way. And #bettertogether is what I think the Ampersand symbol, and philosophy, is all about :-)

And engaging ourselves – there’s a key topic! I like to think of this as in-gagement :-)