I started this blog of ours a year ago today. Since then, well, awesome things have happened.

A year ago I never thought I’d be running an event in Helsinki today, or meeting the incredible people I’ve got to meet, or spend a day consulting Finland on their Social Media strategy.

But more so, I never thought I’d appreciate people I’ve never physically met so much.

Thank you guys.

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  • http://radsmarts.com Robin Dickinson

    You lead, we follow!

    At your command and service, Sir!

    Congratulations, Robin :)

  • http://widget.xssl.net/~admin228/graphic-design/ teedp

    What a nice thing to say ! Superb – you deserve it mate!

    Keep going this time next year Rodney ;-)

  • http://www.joshchandlerva.com Josh Chandler


    I simply want to say thank you. You’ve produced some of the most inspiring and original blog posts on social media which have really made such an important impact.

    You are literally going to become unstoppable in the next few months. I’m very excited to see what happens next for you Scott.

    Josh Chandler

  • http://www.barryfurby.co.uk @barryfurby

    Wow – What a fantastic year its been though..!

    Congrats on the great work and everything that the #likeminds community stands for :-)


  • http://www.experienceengineer.com/ Erik Posthuma

    Great job Scott! A year and amazing how far you guys have come already. Great luck this coming year and can’t wait to see more from you! Cheers!

  • / Scott Gould

    Hey Robin

    Thanks mate – all went very well. Will write it up shortly!


  • / Scott Gould

    Well I mean it Nate – your support has been invaluable. Really appreciate it :-)

  • / Scott Gould

    Thanks Josh. It’s because guys like you keep raising the bar and have a hunger for real answers.

    I’d like to correct if though – WE are going to become unstoppable – WE, not me, because one is too small a number to achieve significance.

    Thanks for your continued suport,

  • / Scott Gould

    Thanks Barry – looking forward to catching up soon?

  • / Scott Gould

    Thanks Erik – I can’t wait to see what happens next!

  • http://jeffhurtblog.com JeffHurt

    Isn’t it amazing that technology has provided us a platform to meet, connect and develop relationships even with people that are half way around the world.

    Kudos to you for being the leader you are, making kings and queens out of all of us. Because of you, your blog, your voice and your willingness to share, we are all better people today.

    Thanks Scott!

  • / Scott Gould

    Thanks Jeff. It is amazing what can happen in a year – even in 3 months!

    Thanks for the kind words – it really means a lot coming from someone like yourself. Together, we’re better!