The 3-E Maturity Model is easy to remember because it’s the letter E, and they relate to three maturities, each beginning with an E, relating to the three prongs on the letter.

On the single vertical line of the letter we have the three processes, Scatter, Gather and Matter. They sit next to the three prongs, each prong representing a process and the maturity of its offering, as we’ve described above.

The lowest maturity goes first, up to the highest. Each level is progressive, building on the previous one.

This model provides a maturity standard for engagement around an organisation’s offerings. These relate to the three processes from Shape 1, the Circle of Engagement:

  1. Scattering a message is known as Engagement as Expression, where the opportunity to engage does not go beyond the broadcasted messaged that an organisation puts out.
  2. The Gather process is known as Engagement as Experience, where people engage through actual interaction in an eventful way.
  3. The final process, Matter, is known as Engagement as Enablement. It sees enduring connections built with the user through the provision of platform, networks, education, community, and other enabling resources.