A lot. Mix faithfulness with tenacity and you see this one man did amazing things, not for himself, but for God:

If you can’t see the above video, click here, or watch directly on YouTube.

This video convicts me as a Christian, as a marketer who understands that what should drive us is a genuine love for people, and finally as a human who wants to do the right thing, even if there’s no return. There’s no telling what someone can do when they don’t care who gets the credit.

Your Leading Thoughts

  1. Let’s crack open the discussion — we know each other well enough — how does this video inspire you? As a marketer, as a person, and what about as a believer in something?
  2. Lessons we can draw — what are they?

Photo by Leland Francisco

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  • http://twitter.com/98rosjon Jonny Rose

    I have heard this story before – it was brilliant the first time and even better now that you’ve drawn my attention to it again! :)

    There’s SO much we can draw from it. Just briefly:

    Volume vs. Value – Interestingly, I think Genor’s approach shows the effectiveness of a volume-based approach. Genor wasn’t investing in long-term relationship, but instead sought to make contact with his *message* with as many people as quickly as possible. Arguably a more effective means of evangelism, but – as your experiences and scattering seeds posts/frameworks have shown – maybe not effective in a business sense.

    Spreadability vs. Reach – Genor was just one man, but in turn the ‘reach’ of his message was hugely extended by WOM. Love how the platform of Youtube bears testimony to this (hay, new media!)

    The value of a promise – Genor promised God to witness to 10 people each day. On days he couldn’t, he made up for it on other days. There is something to be said here, when applying it to customer service and company ethos. DELIVER ON YOUR PROMISES.

    Benefit of consistency – Genor was out there EVERY DAY. This level of consistency must at least in part be the reason for the success of his ministry.

    Create scarcity – Genor reminded everyone of their imminent mortality “What if you were to die tonight?” (scarcity of time?), essentially this prompted people to make a decision quicker.

    One man + action taken = changed world. As you would (and Nike) would say,

    “JUST DO IT!”

  • / Scott Gould

    Jonny – the more I read the word the more I learn about marketing. It’s all in the book. :-)


  • http://stephenbateman.com/connect Anonymous

    Hey Scott, I’m Stephen.

    That is a crazy story. What a man. Thanks for sharing.