I’ve been writing more and more about leadership as of late, as I in our conversation about participation, media, communication and community, leadership is the vital element that makes it work. If we want to guide rather than govern, that requires strong leadership. Hence this Sunday I want to share another video from John Maxwell on the 4 values of leaders:

John’s 4 points on what the 4 values of a leader are:

  1. Add value to people. The cardinal sin of poor (and evil) leaders is they don’t.
  2. Make yourself more valuable. You can’t give what you don’t have.
  3. Know and relate to what others value. The only way we connect is caring enough to listen.
  4. Do what God values. This is where value first comes from.

Your Leading Thoughts

  • Do you share these values? Or do you have a different set?
  • How are you valuing these values?

Archived Comments

  • http://gearboxmagazine.com Brian Driggs

    EDIT: First attempt was far too long.

    I agree with the first three. True success means helping others to be successful. It’s become clear to me that my life’s work is adding value to people by helping them to discover the untapped value they already possess and connecting them with others who can help them to succeed.

    This is not something I can do on my own, and would not be possible, were I not constantly seeking new ideas and opportunities to reconsider everything. For example, the conversations on this site help me to generate new ideas to help my ow community.

    WIIFM can be a great question to ask, but mostly from the position of others. Listening to what they feel is important and helping them to get what they need empowers them. That’s what I’m after.

  • / Scott Gould

    John says elsewhere that “one is too small a number to achieve significance”. I’m on this trip at the moment in Pakistan and just realising this so much more – more to come this week or next week

  • http://gearboxmagazine.com Brian Driggs

    Wasn’t it Three Dog Night that said, “One is the loneliest number?” ;)

    The more we empower others, the more powerful we become – together. I’m looking forward to seeing what you come back with, Scott. Already followed one of your Pakastani tweeps. I love getting to know like minds in new places.

  • / Scott Gould

    I’m having a great time here – meeting some amazing people. Will write it up soon