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I recently found MeetTheBoss.tv – a site full of interviews with executives from organisations and brands you know, and some you don’t. It takes a bit of time to go through, and you have to sign up to see the full length videos, but it is worthwhile.

You’ve probably seen McDonalds brand transformation over the last 5 years, both in their stores and in their branding – in fact, you probably can’t miss it. Even in the middle of nowhere in Spain, there’s McDonalds – a testimony to the power that this brand wields.

This video tells the inside story of how they turned things around, which contains some pretty useful insights. Note that you will have to sign up to view the video, which does give me an affiliate rate back, however that’s just a nice perk for what is a useful resource for you, so please don’t feel obliged to lend me the pennies!

Your Leading Thoughts

  • What is your number one take away from this video? How is it useable for your organisation?