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Last Friday I spoke at the second Creative Brkfst, down in Plymouth, UK, upon the kind invitation of my friend and founder of Creative Brksft, Nathaniel Davis.

The video is a bit slow for the first minute or slow, as I was being introduced, but we quickly begin to get into things.

I talked about What Social Means for Broadcast Business, which I broke into three main sections: the history of Social and Broadcast, key concepts and truths, using the Social / Broadcast Matrix to become Social.

Most of the content is stuff that we’ve already discussed here on this blog and I’ve spoken on before, but there were also some new ideas that I introduced that I wanted to make sure you got in the video above, mainly these:

  1. Social innovates, Broadcast duplicates. All innovation begins in Social, and then Broadcast duplicates and publishes it.
  2. What starts as value in Social, technology or ego turn into volume with Broadcast. Power is a massive part of this.
  3. There are three ways to go from Broadcast to Social: socialise you content, socialise your channel, or socialise both.

We’ll probably pick up on these ideas over the coming weeks.

Enjoy the talk,

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  • annholman

    Scott, it was a great presentation! The three things I got out of it:

    1. You can’t multi task when you are being social. Great point, yet people still try and do his when having a conversation with you.
    2. Social is ‘homemade’ and broadcast ‘factory made’ which is why the marketing budget has shifted internally to humans.
    3. Guide rather than govern. Thoughtful way of explaining command and control is dead.

    My colleague, Karin Jordan and I are going to be talking a lot about leadership and how thats going to have to change its behaviour in the future as social becomes more prevalent.

  • / Scott Gould

    Thanks Ann

    1. Multitask – that was a throw away comment that has got a lot more stock in – thanks for bringing it back to my attention

    2. Totally

    3. I’ve been talking about Guide v Govern for a while – I have a whole framework for it – happy to talk through if you wanted more info.

    Leadership? Sounds good! I very much consider leadership to the be the distinction between the have and have nots.

  • annholman

    Like the idea of chatting about the “Govern to Guide” framework. Should do coffee once you are back from Finland! :)

  • / Scott Gould


    Speak then!

  • http://widget.xssl.net/~admin228/graphic-design/ teedp

    Thanks for coming over to Plymouth Scott – This is quite a mind shift for us generation x – Thatcher kids !!

    Is it a Gen Y mindset that they just get ? Have we been brainwashed by the broadcast mindset?

    Where does “franchising” fit it to this? Alot of my early career in research was franchises – rolling out branding – after the “innovation was over”!

    Scary we should keep innovating !

  • / Scott Gould

    Pleasure mate – thanks for having me.

    Franchising – well, thats broadcast, right?

  • http://widget.xssl.net/~admin228/graphic-design/ teedp

    I like your point :

    “You can’t multi task when you are being social. Great point, yet people still try and do his when having a conversation with you.”

    A sage once gave me some advice as a boy:

    “Do you see people at a party looking for someone better to talk to; they look uncomfortable, unsettled….they never will find someone “better” because they just keep looking being distracted from person to person always looking never finding – !!

    waste of a good party

    as a a teenager I probably thought “better looking”


    memories !

  • http://widget.xssl.net/~admin228/graphic-design/ teedp

    Franchising is broadcast.
    If I now bought a franchise, based on your talk, I would want to know that the innovation that created the “winning franchise model” is still strong – or are they “sitting back” resting on their laurels.

    Also alot of branding is termed “roll-out”


  • / Scott Gould

    Mate, good analogy. I’ve found that to be very true – and hate it when I’m the person that someone is “talking to” but ignoring!

    Social means I have to focus on you, right?

  • / Scott Gould

    Very interesting. Roll out, push, ship, etc.